Some questions from a newcomer

Hi everyone!

After using NixOS for about 6 months, I’ve decided to try my hand at using it for deployments. Its been a challenging time to say the least, and I was hoping some experienced people could help explain some points where I am still struggling

  1. Can I use just NixOps for deploying a set of services that I have built using varying technologies (Elixir, Elm, React), or should I be using something like disnix instead? I’d like to redeploy a service anytime it changes. My gut feeling is I’d like to use only NixOps as it seems more stable

  2. Can I use Hydra for releases? I would like to have Hydra setup to continuously pull a project as it changes, build it and automatically deploy to a NixOS server. I’ve setup a local Hydra server but it seems more suited to distribute binary releases

  3. Can anyone point me in the right direction for deploying Elixir applications using nix? So far I have it setup to pull an Elixir Releases binary and deploy that, but I know that’s not really the Nix way as I should be building from source. I really don’t want to write out all the dependencies from the lockfile myself, and it sounds like packages like mix2nix are unstable at best and I want to find a reliable workflow

  4. With NixOps 2.0 around the corner, does anyone know if the new storage mechanism could be used to store and share the state file somewhere other than AWS?

Thanks so much in advance

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