Start xiccd as a systemd user service

I’m trying to start xiccd as a user service, but starting the service always fails with the message:

systemctl status xiccd.service                                                                                        ~
● xiccd.service
   Loaded: bad-setting (Reason: Unit xiccd.service has a bad unit file setting.)
   Active: inactive (dead)

Nov 11 19:41:14 nefastis systemd[1]: xiccd.service: Service has no ExecStart=, ExecStop=, or SuccessAction=. Refusing.

This is in my configuration.nix: = {
   description = "Xiccd Screen Color Profiler";
   serviceConfig = {
     ExecStart = "${pkgs.xiccd}/bin/xiccd";
     ExecStop = "pkill xiccd";
     Restart = "always";
   wantedBy = [ "dbus.service" ];
   after = [ "dbus.service" ];
   partOf = [ "dbus.service" ];
 }; = true;

You’re defining xiccd as a user service (, but activating it as a system service (

I suspect that you want the last line to be: = true;
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Shouldn’t it be enabled by default? I don’t think the enable line is even necessary.

Anyway, @paperdigits, you’re seeing the error with systemctl status xiccd.service because, as @necopinus says, you’re accidentally creating a system service by writing the enable line on the system option, not the user option, which creates a system service with none of the required fields filled out. To see the user service status, you need to use systemctl --user status xiccd.service