Status of aarch64 for nixos-19.03?

Hi all, I see the release notes for 18.03 stated

Binaries for aarch64-linux are available, but no channel exists yet, as it’s waiting for some test fixes, etc.

I don’t see a channel for aarch64 under Branches · NixOS/nixpkgs-channels · GitHub yet, so I suppose things must still be in limbo then?

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Binaries are downloaded if they exist in I don’t know what is meant by no channel exists yet but using the regular nixpkgs channel works just fine for my rpi.

Ok, thanks @eadwu. I thought the naming convention would be similar to nixpkgs-18.09-darwin. Must be some other reason I’m not getting binaries.

“no channel exists yet” means that there’s no channel specifically tested for aarch64 compatibility. i.e. the channel you’re using may contain things that are broken on aarch64 that wouldn’t ordinarily on NixOS.

nixos-unstable now depends on tests for both linux platforms and waits for completion of all builds on both platforms. I’m not aware of any plans changing that for stable 19.03.

You might have hit a moment when 18.09 channel updated before the aarch64 builds finished. That won’t happen with the new combined layout I described in the previous post. We now have very powerful aarch64 machines on, so we should be able to afford that.