Strip with vimUtils.buildVimPlugin

Hi, I need to custom a vim plugin, this needs to be compiled to get c lib. And I want to strip the *.so to prevent gcc runtime dependency, here is the code:

leaderf = vimUtils.buildVimPlugin { 
  name = "leaderf";                 
  src = leaderf-src;                
  buildInputs = [ python3 ];        
  buildPhase = ''                   
    patchShebangs .                 
  dontStrip = false;                

the *.so is under $(src)/autoload/leaderf/fuzzyMatch_C dir, but the dontStrip flag does not work, there is still *gcc*include in the so.
So for this purpose, is there any easy way to strip the so lib? Or I need to do the strip manually.

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