Suspend = crash

I noticed it first on my laptop that suspending the system by either waiting for xfce-power-manager to kick in or using pm-suspend from the CLI resulted in a non-responsive system (black screen, power still on but no response). I now see the same behavior on my desktop.

Nix is fresh install of 19.09 on both devices, xfce4. No power settings in config. pm-utils is installed. Xfce pulls in upower and I can see the daemon running in htop.

So, I know this is hard to troubleshoot here, but any suggestions of where to start I would most appreciate.

I’ve noticed this too. I can deal with it doing the following: always I
wanna suspend, I close the lid or issue systemctl suspend without the
power plug connected, ie relying only on the netbook battery. I haven’t
had problems in years with this technique but occasionally when I forget
I end up with a unresponsive system.

I’ve seen this too - happens every now and then. Hard to debug since it’s a freeze.

Hard to debug since it’s a freeze.

Yes, and it happens in the last moment, so s2both works but doesn’t preserve any evidence.

Yes, I don’t see anything in the pm-suspend.log (which simply reports ‘suspend successful’) and with a glance at the journal I don’t see anything remarkable either.

I’m using kernel 4.19, are any of you using the 5.x and still seeing this?

I’m using 5.3.6 for a few weeks and I haven’t seen it in a while. Not sure it correlates, but there’s some hope :slight_smile:

I’m using kernel 4.19, are any of you using the 5.x and still seeing this?

Yes, at 5.x (currently 5.3) and Thinkpad W530 and intel_pstate=off (sometimes suspend works, will see whether AC power makes a difference, there are indeed some regressions in handling power)