Sway crashing at login

I just installed nixos and wanted to use sway as a WM.
I left SDDM as a Display Manager, commented Plasma5 out.
When I remove my config file from ~/.config/sway, sway starts fine on login.
But when the config is in that folder, it just crashes.
The funny part is, it jumps to a TTY and from there I can log in and start sway, no issues.
I doubt that its my config as it doesnt show me any errors when I start sway manually. And then it also works just fine.

I used the same config on my Gentoo install and didnt have any issues there.

If anybody of you guys has an idea on how to fix that or if sway is just not usable on nixos, please let me know :slight_smile:

Do you get a ~/.xsession-errors.log? Does journalctl give you anything for a sway user unit?

I made some progress. The issue seems to be related to sddm as gdm is able to start sway. I’m now considering alternatives and test what works.

Looking at the logs for sddm and your xsession seems more constructive than just giving up on sddm :wink:

I know, and I will, its just hat I actually wanted to use Ly (to have a more minimal setup) but i wanted to just test out if its the display-manager causing the issue or sway itself.
Now that I know its the display-manager, I will work on a solution to have a somewhat minimal setup but to make it “presentable” instead of having no display-manager at all :slight_smile:
And i did the gdm switch while doing dishes as that was the faster (or at least less involved) way than looking at logs

But thank you for your help anyways