Switch to 23.05 broke wake from sleep

moved my old macbook pro 2015 15" over to 23.05 and now it won’t wake from suspend anymore.
There is activity (laptop is warm to the touch) but needs a hard reset to work again
No obvious entries in journalctl, so at s bit of a loss

Any ideas on where to look? I know it’s very little info, but even suggestions on where to look / what to look for would be helpful at this point

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several months in, same issue still.
wake from sleep works for 11" macbook air from 2012, but not for 15" 2015 macbook pro.

No idea how to troubleshoot this one, so still on arch on that one… (don’t want to be)

That sounds like a kernel issue, can you try to downgrade to 5.15?


Will do that this weekend and let you know. Thanks!!

Seems to have worked, downgraded to 5.15

Update: been stable all day, and suspend/wake works as normal. Huge thanks!! @RaitoBezarius