Syncing Chromium data

Google has announced that it is cutting off access to the Sync and “other Google Exclusive” APIs from all builds except Google Chrome.

Source @ Fedora Project

I am thinking about managing the sync using dedicated syncing tools.


In chrome://settings/syncSetup/advanced I see a list of synced features.
Most of these I’ve found inside ~/.config/chromium/Default/ , but some I’m not sure about.

  • Apps
  • Bookmarks
  • Extensions
  • History
  • Settings
  • Theme
  • Open Tabs
  • Passwords
  • Addresses, phone numbers, and more
  • Payment methods and addresses using Google Pay

I’m especially wondering about:

  • “Settings”: What kind of settings are there, and where are they stored?
  • “Extensions”: I see Extensions/, Extension Rules/, Extension State/. What is the difference? Do I want to sync all of these?