System Will Not Auto Boot

Hello all,

I’m very new to NixOS, probably on day 4, but so far am loving it. I do have a list of questions though so thought I’d start seeing if I could find out some answers.

I am having an issue where the system will not auto boot. On start it boots up to a screen where I pick the generation. However it just sits here forever, or until I hit enter on a generation to have it boot.

I see under options that boot.loader.timeout defaults to 5. I am not overriding that or anything like that in my configuration.nix but for some reason my does not start.

I am not hooked up to anything, this is just on my framework laptop.
I also have tried rebuilding with the --install-bootloader switch multiple times to no avail.

If anyone could help me get this fixed I would greatly appreciate it. I’m really not sure what else to do to try and fix this.

Is this the same issue as Systemd.boot unable to setup loader.timeout - #2 by julow ?

I found that pressing t a few times on the boot menu sets the boot timeout permanently. The boot.loader.timeout option has no effect on my machine.

I’m a bit scared of this discovery.