T495 graphics glitched

I’m running xmonad. Just getting started with nixos. Struggling to get my setup running. But most importantly, everything that isn’t covered by a window is a graphic glitch. Anything that changes on the screen stays that way until a window covers it. It makes the screen extremely hectic and difficult to use. Is this a known issue? What can I post to help? I’m typing this from my phone but will get back to the computer in a bit.

I switched from sddm to lightdm and that fixed it.

Ah cool, i am also planning to get one. Any issues/glitches with 495 in general?

Using a T495 since November, works well. I’ve been working on supporting the fingerprint reader on it, and it now works oob :slight_smile:.
(EDIT: Got some issues with sleeping mode + xorg, I personally use Sway so it doesn’t bother me. If you want to use Xorg, you might encounter the same issue).

Would you mind sharing your solution for making the fingerprint reader working?

Otherwise, my 495 works pretty well (Xorg+i3, no glitches).

No problem!

There are few requirements:

  • Latest firmware on the device (use fwupmgr to download it and install it from LVFS)
  • Fo on the UEFI menu and reset the controller (ereasing all saved fingerprints)
  • Either use nixos-unstable channel, or use an overlay or override the packages to use libfprint > 1.90.1 (check this PR: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/75435)
  • Enable the fingerprint service (services.fprintd.enable = true;)

And you should be ready to fprintd-enroll :slight_smile: