Telegram Desktop on Darwin

Why is there no telegram-desktop for darwin available in nixpkgs? The only supported platforms are Linux based, but the original client seems to be the same for Macos

There are many GUI programs that aren’t available from Nixpkgs on Darwin, Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, VLC, Calibre, Handbrake among them, and many more.

I got so frustrated with this, that yesterday I started a project to address this issue, and have already got many of these working.

Telegram Desktop is not one of them yet, unfortunately, but from what I see, it shouldn’t be very hard to add.


Simply because the maintainers (in the case of telegram-desktop, me), does not have access to macos machines/intention to support macos. Any help to make them work on darwin is always welcomed though.


Yeah, a solution with downloading casks from brew seems interesting. I’ll give it a try

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I’ll try to add applications like Telegram Desktop (it gets discarded now because the .app bundle is renamed) as the next step, though I don’t know when (most of August I’ll be on a slow mobile link, so if I don’t manage it this week, it’ll be September at the earliest).

OTOH, Mac GUI Apps in the Nix store have their problems, like right-click-open which might use an instance from an older generation, so a better tradeoff may be to use a nix-darwin managed Homebrew install, perhaps with this: GitHub - zhaofengli/nix-homebrew: Homebrew installation manager for nix-darwin to pin casks.