Tell whether build environment is pure or not

I’d like to setup some things in my environment slightly differently depending on whether the environment is pure or not.

Can the code in default.nix/shell.nix tell? I know about the IN_NIX_SHELL environment variable, but would prefer to know at the nix level and not shell level.

(And let’s assume I know what I want and this is a good idea :slight_smile:)

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You can do it in nix depending on what builtins exist. This would clearly tell you: builtins ? currentSystem. I think you could then just use that information within the build script too.

You can see this method in nixpkgs where one of nipxkgs’s arguments is system ? builltins.currentSystem. So if your in pure mode your supposed to explicitly pass a system to nixpkgs. But if your in impure mode nixpkgs will auto set it to your current system.

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Does not seem to be the case in Nix 2.3.10: builtins ? currentSystem yields true both under nix-shell and under nix-build :frowning:

Well nix commands <2.4 don’t set pure mode by default. So when you run nix-shell and nix-build they will evaluate in impure mode unless you explicitly pass --pure. Therefore, it makes sense that builtins.currentSystem exists in that case.

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