The best flakes documentation

Hi… I am a developer who just started to dabble into NixOS a week ago, feeling pretty lost in all the documentation I found on many sites.

At my stage of learning, it’s quite hard to figure out what’s the best documentation to follow, and which opinion will probably prevail in the long run.

Figured out I would probably dive head first into flakes… Feels like I’d need them for two purposes

  • Setup my whole system, including home-manager stuff
  • Wrap my own services into flakes, so they become easy to deploy

In 2023, what’s the best source of information about how flakes work, how to use them to configure whole OSes and how to write them to write services?

I mean, a textual high level view would be nice, cause hands on examples are plenty… they just often not help having a big picture of how to use nix effectively. is a beginner-friendly flakes-centric doc site.

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