The latest nixpkage-unstable failed to build my home manager configuration with a pyproject error


I use Nix on Ubuntu and I notice I can’t build my config with the latest nixpkgs at the moment.

➜ nix flake lock --update-input nixpkgs
warning: updating lock file '/home/fomm/Documents/nix/flake.lock':
• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:nixos/nixpkgs/ec750fd01963ab6b20ee1f0cb488754e8036d89d' (2023-11-07)
  → 'github:nixos/nixpkgs/51a01a7e5515b469886c120e38db325c96694c2f' (2023-11-21)

➜ home-manager switch
error: assertion '((pyproject != null) -> (format == null))' failed

       at /nix/store/j2riph1av209fsm6crlgmbs3a38d875w-source/pkgs/development/interpreters/python/mk-python-derivation.nix:110:1:

          110| assert (pyproject != null) -> (format == null);
             | ^
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

I don’t use this pyproject thing so I am not too sure where to start checking.

Does anyone know how to debug this issue?

Thank you.

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I wish I could find answers BEFORE creating a post…

Found the issue/solution here. It is related to awscli2