The Road More Or Less Travelled

Is there any chance the admins can create two separate forums?

Flake-Nixos, and Old-Nixos?

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I think this would be an extremely dangerous way to divide a pretty strong community.


Why? Is it an issue that both technologies coexists ? I fail to see the benefits of this yet.


Flakes only touch one specific aspect of Nix/NixOS: How you “include” external Nix sources.

For most problems, this doesn’t matter. It’s just a technical detail. If you can specify which revision of Nixpkgs, Nix, home-manager or whatever other Nix project you might fetch via flakes, it no longer matters whether you use flakes to facilitate that or not.


can you elaborate? if your reasoning is that you don’t want solutions that aren’t applicable to you i think it’s always reasonable to add a comment to a thread asking for the equivalent without flakes.

how can we better help you on your learning journey?


If you use flakes and the issue you’re experiencing isn’t directly linked to flakes, which forum do you post on?

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You forgot to explain the rational behind your question


I feel there’s a stronger argument for separating things by Nixpkgs and NixOS… :wink:

If we’re gonna split discourse by Flakes and non-Flakes surely we should call it legacy discourse :man_shrugging:


The forum related to the thing it’s actually linked to?

In case of doubt, the most general one. It’s not like there are highly specific forums for certain Nix things here anyways; people ask about all kinds of Nix things in the generic “Help” category.

Flakes change very little. Seems like an unwise idea.

I just feel that pre-Flake Nixos is a juvenile iteration of Nixos, and that Flakes Nixos represents Nixos coming of age.

I don’t like the pre-flake hyphenated syntax either. It seems obsolete to me.

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So it’s only about syntactic sugar?


bit harsh. Stealing from the Cola Wars: Maybe NixOS Classic (channels) and New NixOS (flakes)?

I’m not sure it’s a great idea for separate forums.

There isn’t much difference between them.
Flakes are mostly fancy lock files, and output specification of project outputs.


i think we call that a schema! :slight_smile:

lol. No. I didn’t realize that this idea would cause ructions.

Hence I withdraw it.

I realize that I need to adopt a more Quaker attitude in the assembly

could you explain that a little more in detail?

I am not a schemer, and I did not mean to cause a community revolt, so I retract the suggestion, realizing that the Community is
organic with deep roots, and if the community is upset, then I must not push the idea