Thunderbird and Gnome Default Applications

After adding it to environment.systemPackages in configuration.nix, is thunderbird supposed to be added to Gnome Default Applications (for Mail and Calendar)?

GNOME Settings considers an app a default mail application when it is associated with x-scheme-handler/mailto MIME type. The association follows the algorithm specified in mime-apps-spec so it might happen that Thunderbird will become the default mail application if no default was chosen previously.

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Thanks @jtojnar - the problem is it’s not even showing in the lists (only the default Geary for mail and Calendar for calendar). Is that supposed to happen when thunderbird is added to systemPackages or should I do something else?

Looking at the share/applications/thunderbird.desktop file in the package, there should be a MimeType= key as per Desktop Entry Specification. And it needs to contain x-scheme-handler/mailto and text/calendar. It does not so it is probably a Nixpkgs packaging bug.

Please open an issue and cc Thunderbird maintainers there.

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Thanks @jtojnar - opened Installing thunderbird doesn't add entries to Gnome Default Applications · Issue #194851 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.