Time to test the next release

I’m currently using nixpkgs+home-manager 20.09 on top of Fedora and want to help testing the next release. Questions

  1. When should I switch to get the equivalent of a release candidate version?
  2. Which git branch should I switch to?

NixOS release or Home Manager release?

Home Manager follows nixpkgs releases. I would like the release-candidate equivalent of nixpkgs 21.05 and I will use Home Manager’s master branch.

Oh, I thought you planned to switch to NixOS and wanted to test 21.05. I don’t know about using HM on other distros, sorry. I assumed it wouldn’t work, since it uses the NixOS modules system to setup systemd services, but I guess I’m wrong?

You are indeed wrong :slight_smile:. Home Manager works perfectly fine on other distributions and can happily create user-level systemd units there among other things.


I’m following RFC85 this year, so branch off won’t be until after ZHF this year, master will be the appropriate choice until May 21st (I think, off the top of my head). At which point a release-21.05 branch will have been cut.

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