Touchegg service on xfce

I’ve been using NixOS (stable) with cinnamon desktop environment. I have touchegg enabled, and it works without issue:

services.touchegg.enable = true;

However, I tried adding xfce as a second desktop environment, and touchegg seems to work differently there. ‘systemctl status touchegg.service’ indicates that the touchegg daemon is running, but I don’t get working gestures unless I launch touchegg manually by running ‘touchegg’ in a terminal window. At this point, according to the ‘systemctl status touchegg.service,’ a client connects to the touchegg daemon, and my gestures are now recognized.

Does anyone have an idea why xfce treats the service differently, and how I should configure it to run touchegg automatically on startup?

Hm, I think restarting fixed this problem…