Trouble with Docker

I have the Nix package manager installed on top of Void Linux, and have installed Docker through Nix.

I’m trying to set up Tiny TIny Rss via Docker as described here: GitHub - clue/docker-ttrss: Tiny Tiny RSS feed reader as a docker image.

However, when i follow the steps listed there:

$ docker run -d --name ttrssdb nornagon/postgres

$ docker run -d --link ttrssdb:db -p 80:80 clue/ttrss

After the 2nd command, I end up with an error:

/nix/store/bibwi8f3bk0k5c5xyd2js0wxvjgsvk8x-docker-18.06.0-ce/libexec/docker/docker: Error response 
from daemon: Cannot link to a non running container: /ttrssdb AS /loving_ardinghelli/db.

The output of the dockerd process:

WARN[2345] OOM monitoring failed                         error="cgroups: memory cgroup not supported on this system"
INFO[2346] shim reaped                                   id=5439bad5d6496abeabb14e5332ee8e83a9d8911c09c2445b96249f97e11e948c
INFO[2018-08-24T17:30:12.624378531-06:00] ignoring event                                module=libcontainerd namespace=moby topic=/tasks/delete type="*events.TaskDelete"

ERRO[2018-08-24T17:30:42.231919015-06:00] fcdd5b617aff8899cadfbac9d5e429446c0c77adc0774598597481e6eb3a4fa5 cleanup: failed to delete container from containerd: no such container 
ERRO[2018-08-24T17:30:42.232313650-06:00] Handler for POST /v1.38/containers/fcdd5b617aff8899cadfbac9d5e429446c0c77adc0774598597481e6eb3a4fa5/start returned error: Cannot link to a non running container: /ttrssdb AS /loving_ardinghelli/db

I’m stumped why this is occurring. Any suggestions for how to debug?

It looks like the Void Linux kernel might be missing some of the extensions needed by Docker. I would try updating to the latest Kernel version.

Are you running the docker daemon as root?