Trying to install NoMachine Server

I’m new to Nixos. I am trying to install NoMachine, the nxserver version. I see only NoMachine Client in nixos.packages. I found a version on github here, but it s very old. When I install it, it doesnt start the nxserver service, as far as I understand it.

I tried making the package myself, but I have no clue of what I’m doing. It’s way over my head.

Is there any chance this package is going to be added to the standard packages repo?

another day another carrot,

Nomachine when i last looked it , is a very complex piece of software, it had to wrap a lot of the Xserver and xdm, it was a bit of mess down their.

I’ve installed it a few times, but never had that much a off good success maintaining it on traditional linux systems.

When i did get it working , it’s vastly superior to vnc, but the nomachine ‘modifies’ the machine is wild and it was hard to support the 80 clients logging into it.

It’s a real rats nest down their in the X server plumbing.

It’s also no longer open source, so your going to have to the binaries and patch them, which has limited success and long term reliability on nixos.

Nixos really like source code, so if you feed it binaries it will get indigestion.

I can share some nix code to get vnc working , but it’s no machine really is the roll Royce of remote computing.

That’s to bad. I use NoMachine for all my virtual machines on proxmox. I really wanted to use it on Nixos.
It s very fast. That s why I like it a lot. I could give vnc a try. I will use nixos mainly for web development, so the speed is not as needed as normally. Thanks anyway :wink:

Maybe nomachine will one day open it’s source code , I’ll drop them a line and see if they want to officially support nixos.

The speed of nomachine is unmatched… without resourcing to something like sunshine or parsec.