Unable to boot into Nixos 21.05 after power loss

Ran out of battery and now after inputting luks passphrase I get only a cursor blinking maybe 5 seconds after it freezes and otherwise black screen.

The fans are on so maybe it still does something?

The machine is macbook pro retina 2015 if it matters and 21.05 version is less than two weeks old.

Any tips how to recover? Reinstall would be a total bummer as I would not want spend my weekend on it before work starts on Monday.

Problem resolved!

I have a dual boot and booted into os x. After rebooting again booting into nixos works again.

Leaving the thread here if someone encounters something similar

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I have this same problem again and nothing seem to help. Reseting NVRAM or PMC has no effects.

Any ideas what try before reinstalling whole thing?

Could I access the partition data somehow?

I’ve never used a Mac, let alone dual booted on it, but if you can get the nix installer out and open the disk with luksOpen from a running system you might at least be able to verify the data is ok?

I’d suspect that Mac OS does some kind of boot file validation after power loss and breaks something, given what you’re seeing here, but again, no experience with this.

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