Unable to get Conan 2.0 to build on nixpkgs-unstable

Hi - I’ve been unable to get conan 2.0.0 into a shell environment it fails to build during installation. I’ve got an issue up for it (Build failure: Conan 2.0 (`nixos-unstable`) · Issue #228361 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub) but thought I’d ask if someone else here has got it working.

Or if someone can suggest an idea on how to get around this.


At least temporarily I can get this working by disabling the specific test, however I’ve only been able to get this working by using my own custom nixpkgs repo - I haven’t been able to figure out an overlay.

pkgs = import nixpkgs {
	inherit system;
	 overlays = [
	 	(self: super: {
	 		conan = super.conan.overrideAttrs (old: {
	 			disabledTestPaths = old.disabledTestPaths or [] ++ [

I just get an error that error: value is a string while a list was expected. What am I doing wrong?

Before disabledTestPaths is passed to mkDerivation, it is turned into a string. All the paths are concatenated to be 'path1' 'path2' 'path3'.

The fix to your code is to change it to:

disabledTestPaths = old.disabledTestPaths + " 'conans/test/integration/command_v2/list_test.py'";
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