Unable to nixos-enter

  • NixOS 22.11
  • Installed using Calamares from Gnome ISO
  • btrfs
$ nixos-enter --root /tmp/calamares-root-gklfudva
Assertion `!(st.st_mode & S_ISUID) || (st.st_uid == geteuid())` in NixOS's wrapper.c failed.
/run/current-system/sw/bin/nixos-enter: line 16:     2 Aborted                 (core dumped) mount --make-rprivate /

ls indicated the root FS was mounted properly.

Tried again after rebooting (everything else worked fine), mounting the root on /mnt, tried with --root /mnt/@ where the root FS was actually mounted (due to Calamares creating a separate btrfs subvolume for /home it seems), checked with ls; same error.

Help appreciated.

It would probably help if you ran nixos-enter as root.