Unable to resume from hibernate

I’m using NixOS on a laptop, with swap on a LVM logical volume. When I resume from hibernate, I see the screen before hibernating, but nothing seems to be running. Animations in browsers are not playing. Almost all keystrokes don’t work, except Ctrl+Alt+Fn, which brings me to a tty but I’m still unable to type. When in desktop my cursor won’t move. How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Anything helpful in dmesg or journalctl --boot?

I tried to obtain log multiple times, but a big obstacle was I could not operate the system after the issue occurred , and had to do a hard poweroff. Today I tried to have an experiment with ssh. As a surprising side result, I found that after resuming if I wait for long enough I’m able to interact with the system again, only with the problem that there is no wifi. I looked up dmesg and found that it is likely a bug in ath11k_pci kernel module, and looks like I cannot fix it.


Thanks for helping!

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