Unable to run digital bitbox

Hi I am unable to run digitalbitbox app. I have added

programs.digitalbitbox.enable = true;
hardware.digitalbitbox.enable = true;

to the configuration.nix.
There is no icon in programs to launch digitalbitbox.
Any help appreciated.

Maybe the .desktop file is missing: You can check with:

find $(dirname $(dirname $(readlink -f $(which dbb-app)))) | grep "\.desktop"

BTW, that app is unmaintained: GitHub - digitalbitbox/dbb-app: A predecessor of the BitBoxApp. The actual desktop and mobile app is at https://github.com/digitalbitbox/dbb-app.

Thank you for your response.
I ran the command and there was no output so I assume the .desktop file is missing. I now see it is unmaintained and the new app bitbox02 may not be compatible with bitbox01