Uninstalling "default" packages

I want to get rid of 2 packages, one being XTerm, and the other one has icon named “Manage Printing” (I didn’t find any corresponding .desktop file so idk what it is. It just tries to open localhost:631 in Firefox).

I found this post on reddit but disabling XTerm with services.xserver.desktopManager.xterm.enable = false; does not work for me (which isn’t that much surprising)

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if the programs are coming with one of these Desktop Environments, you possibly can exclude


I also made a reddit post Apparently XTerm gets pulled with Xserver (services.xserver.enable) and the “Manage Printing” shortcut is for CUPS, but it persists even after setting services.printing.enable = false;

There is a bunch of desktop applications (office suites, web browsers) and application runtimes (java, qt) depending on cups. If you have one of those installed, you will get cups as well.

This seems to me like a consequence of nixpkgs usually not having separate packages for the lib and the bin (and .desktop) portion of a software.