Unscrewing my GDM install


I had an OOM today (thanks websites, which consume 1.5 G for three text fields), and GDM session crashed. But it also crashed so badly, that there’s no user showed up in gdm, here’s journalctl.

I logged in via lightdm. But I like gdm. Any idea how I can somehow force Nix GC erase everythning about gdm and set up it back?

(I’m quite new to NixOS, but am already a big fan of it)

If anything in the nix store is actually wrong, you can find it with nix-store --verify --check-contents. If that doesn’t report anything, you have no need to try to force nix to do anything. Any problem you have is related to your state outside the nix store.

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No errors there. This means, I can be 100% sure that gdm is in the same state as if it was on a new machine?

You can be 100% sure gdm’s nix store paths are, yes. gdm presumably also has state somewhere though, probably under /var, which may be quite borked.

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