Updates to pkgs not appearing in `unstable`

There was an important bug fix in the Mesa drivers I would like to access.

However, despite the update being merged into staging weeks ago, it still hasn’t made it into nixos-unstable: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/204125

I’m reading about the nixos:staging but I don’t see how it will make it back into unstable

The staging cycle has been somewhat wonky this time due to a lot of breaking changes, but it has been merged to master, and nixos-unstable will update when the builds are done. You can keep an eye out on https://hydra.nixos.org/eval/1789263#tabs-unfinished .

See also @qyliss 's PR tracker: Nixpkgs PR #204125 ("Mesa 22.3.1") progress

Oh the PR tracker is helpful! It’s still hard to tell when it will be done though based on current test running prrogress. Days? Weeks?

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So it looks like the PR Tracker is all green, but the package is still not showing up in the repo. Is there another step here?

Search isn’t literally searching the git repo–it’s an index that has to be updated. This means there’ll always be at least a little lag time between updates to the repo and what’s available in search.

It looks like it tries to update hourly, and that the automated updates started failing for unstable 3 days ago: Hourly import to Elasticsearch · NixOS/nixos-search@7abecfe · GitHub

The nixos-unstable channel finally got bumped after 3 days of build failures (see https://status.nixos.org).
The package index should get updated soon to reflect this.

Aha! Okay I now know where to monitor next. Thanks friends!

To be clear, though–the package itself should already be available in unstable.

Bam! I updated my flake and was able to install it successfully. Thank you!