Updating BIOS with fwupd

I’m trying to update my bios on my device (levova thinkpad e14, gen 4, secure boot disabled). I installed fwupd with
services.fwupd.enabled = true;
but when I run
sudo fwupdmgr refresh; sudo fwupdmgr get-updates
it lists everything except the hd under “Devices with no available firmware updates.”

Does anyone know if there are further steps needed to use fwupd to update your BIOS? I saw there’s a package fwupd-efi, but I don’t know what it is or how to use it.


Are you sure there’s an actual update available through fwupd? It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to be well behind on this. My laptop has much newer firmware available on the website than through fwupd.