Upload recent images to gs://nixos-images

Who has access to gs://nixos-images and could upload some images? Maybe at least 18.09, currently there are only 14.04 images on there. I know I can build my own image (doing so right now) and host it somewhere but I guess it would be nice to provide recent images to the general public.

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Then again I just stumbled over broken GCE webui SSH access · Issue #38621 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub and I guess currently these images might not be very useful then …

I think for the next release we should have a list of images for the release maintainer that needs to be updated.
Any provider not in the list should be probably removed or replaced by documentation how one can create their own images.

@Mic92 sounds great - is there some sort of release checklist where this could be linked? Where should we collect/store it?

We’ve started adding these into release instructions, but often it’s not clear who even has access to upload the images.

So is there anything we can do about this? Apart from just trying to find someone who has access to the google bucket (best guess might be to ask on irc I guess).

Would it make sense at all to think about some secrets storage that release managers get access to?

do you have access to gs://nixos-images @rbvermaa ?

Will check this morning.

Looks like I do have access to this. Will check if the GCE image generation script still runs.

Also, I think we had to switch to a different bucket that is hosted on a different Google account. The correct bucket is nixos-cloud-images.

4:  "16.03" = "gs://nixos-cloud-images/nixos-image-16.03.847.8688c17-x86_64-linux.raw.tar.gz";
5:  "17.03" = "gs://nixos-cloud-images/nixos-image-17.03.1082.4aab5c5798-x86_64-linux.raw.tar.gz";
6:  "18.03" = "gs://nixos-cloud-images/nixos-image-18.03.132536.fdb5ba4cdf9-x86_64-linux.raw.tar.gz";

Need to create a GCE account where I can create instances to test the image. The generation ran successfully, so if I can validate that it works, I will push the change to nixpkgs.

The referred issue should be looked into separately imho, as that will likely require some coordination with nixops and nixpkgs.

Based on the issue i linked above I expect it to not work unless that option that blocks ssh keys from being overwritten is changed…

It works with nixops for sure, I have tested that. I have pushed the image to nixpkgs (18.09 and master).

@rbvermaa from what I understand it will work on nixops and not via GCE dashboard specifically because of Update create-gce.sh script. Set default option for GCE images to dis… · NixOS/nixpkgs@b894dd8 · GitHub

I will try to soon verify this.

I think the image works, however, the web ssh login does not due to the change.

We’ll likely have to move the change from gce-image.nix to the generated config of nixops to make the web ssh login work for instances started via the dashboard. I might have some time next week to look into making that change.

Web SSH works with enable-oslogin=TRUE set in instance metadata on an image built from 19.09

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