Use orgmode in neovim: how to get emacs babel lua/bash/python from nixpkgs?

I am trying to get into orgmode on neovim since everything I read about orgmode makes it sound better than vanilla AND chocolate. Thus I look into GitHub - nvim-orgmode/orgmode: Orgmode clone written in Lua for Neovim 0.9+. ( I got norg working but I prefer to use the legacy org syntax) and the feature I am the most interested in, “babel” (a way to run blocks of code), is ofc not included.
One needs to use another plugin that uses emacs in background:
GitHub - mrshmllow/orgmode-babel.nvim: An experimental plugin that evaluates and tangles code blocks in nvim-orgmode using babel itself.

I tried to run it for bash and lua code blocks but as stated on the previous link, I might need to add paths towards the matching modules. I tried to look for ob-bash or ob-lua (following the model of ob-mermaid) in nixpkgs to no avail. I found that but as an emacs virgin, I am not sure whether that’s the proper package and if there is any reason it is not packaged in nixpkgs (I would expect nix users to use ob-lua if it existed) ?

In summary, looking for some emacs masters to help a neovim user, I might be pushing my luck but I trust in the power of opensource and eventually people.