Using allowUnfree to run tests in Ofborg


I created a PR in nixpkgs’ Github repository, here, which includes config.allowUnfree = true in a file named test-suite.nix. This file is intended to gather integration test to be able to run them in Ofborg, or locally. The problem is one of its reviewer commented “I don’t think this is ok”, where I think that’s a valid concern so I responded:

Because of potential licensing problems or is it a programming issue? You can check in the check list below that it ran the tests in x86_64-linux successfully, so at least it works! So I guess it’s a licensing issue. But what’s the resolution? How could we test this stuff?

But my question stayed without answer for almost two weeks now. Do you know the answer? Is there any related document? Also, as a side question where can I find the documentation of the PRs’ labels?