Using coz from nixpkgs

I’m trying to compile a .c file that has #include <coz.h> hoping that it will link with the library defined in nixpkgs#coz however I am unable to get gcc to find it. I’ve been reading the documentation about how C libraries are packaged in nixpkgs and it seems this package might be missing a .pc file. Adding pkg-config as a native build input didn’t change anything. The include dir in the store appears to be there as expected, but I’m not sure if the nixpkgs derivation is doing the necessary environment adjustments.

Can somebody shed some light on how to get this to work?

Everything is working fine now. The issue was that I was trying to do this all from nix shell which obviously doesn’t set up the correct environment, only exposing binaries. I should have used nix develop instead. I created a development flake anyway hence why it is now working.