Using hydra-eval-jobs to run all tests, evaluate nixpkgs

I couldn’t find any documentation on how to use hydra-eval-jobs program from hydra.
It was suggested to me as a way to run a very memory-intensive build/evaluation without triggering an OOM.


$ nix-shell -p hydra --run 'hydra-eval-jobs -I . nixos/release.nix'

I get this error:

error: access to path '/nix/store/8ax3qd5bb5brbxa5wb7dc3nxmhgxgjng-nixpkgs' is forbidden in restricted mode

Has anyone here used it before? What am I doing wrong?

To evaluate release.nix in restricted mode nixpkgs can be passed in as an argument explicitly. This avoids the builtins.filterSource.

nix-instantiate ./nixos/release.nix --option restrict-eval true -I foo=. --arg nixpkgs '{ outPath = ./.; revCount = 0; shortRev = "aabbcc"; }'
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Thank you, I’ll it next I need to test some large rebuild.