Using the unstable channel only for specific packages

I’m using NixOS 22.11 with KDE.
Since installing it, KDE 5.27 has been released, and from what I can see it’s available on the unstable channel.

Now, I’m aware of the option of just switching to the unstable channel and upgrading my packages from there; The issue I’m having is that I’d like to only upgrade the KDE packages without upgrading the rest of my packages to unstable. And from what I gather, after adding the unstable channel sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade would just upgrade all packages to the unstable version indiscriminately, which would be undesirable due to stability concerns (it’s in the name after all).

Is it possible to accomplish to only upgrade the KDE packages to 5.27, and leave the rest of my system as-is? And if so, how can I do so?

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It is possible but KDE/Plasma has many packages and you would need to update most of them. Also you would also need to update the module and mixing different qt versions is also usually up for trouble.

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Not a direct answer to this question, but I used to be in a similar situation (though, I was caring about VS Code package, rather than KDE). Here’s my config from that time (pre-flakes). However, since than I realized that “unstable” is more of a misnomer — it’s not unstable, it’s just a rolling a release, much like Arch (but with rollbacks :wink: ). So, I just switched my whole system to unstable and never looked back.

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Ok well that’s a significant difference relative to e.g. Debian unstable. (what’s in a name, eh?)

The reason I care so much about stability is because it’s my daily driver workstation.

I think I’ll give unstable a try. Like you said, there are rollbacks if I need it :slight_smile: