Vscode config & extensions not loaded (home-manager)

Hello! I am new to NixOS and are getting used to how things work.

However I do not manage to get my vscode configuraiton (extensions + custom settings.json) to load properly. When I start vscode, there is no extension loaded and custom config is not there.

Note: I did at come point clean-up for .config/Code and .vscode (good old rm -rf).

I published my home.nix on GitHub. The VSCode part looks like this:

programs.vscode = {
      enable = true;
      package = pkgs.vscode;

      extensions = with pkgs.vscode-extensions; [
      ++ pkgs.vscode-utils.extensionsFromVscodeMarketplace [
          name = "java";
          publisher = "redhat";
          version = "0.61.0";
          sha256 = "d64297fb96e42b184a580d3d7227dcdc7c90c287d22368e0b7dc78a63ffdd8d6";
      userSettings = {
        "keyboard.dispatch" = "keyCode";
        "update.channel" = "none";

Content of my ~/.vscode folder:

 tree ~/.vscode/
├── argv.json
└── extensions