Vscode extensions not loading - .obsolete file created

I have vscode set up in home-manager like this:

    enable = true;
    extensions = with pkgs.vscode-extensions; [
    ] ++ pkgs.vscode-utils.extensionsFromVscodeMarketplace [
        name = "vscode-cfml";
        publisher = "KamasamaK";
        version = "0.5.4";
        sha256 = "1zhfmica92ys0z2vwp174wpi6fh2ddc79y3hqz205a8hibi9l0sc";
    userSettings = {
      "terminal.integrated.env.osx" = {"FIG_NEW_SESSION"= "1";};
      "terminal.integrated.defaultProfile.osx" = "zsh";

      "search.exclude"= {
        "**/.git"= "true";
        "**/node_modules"= "true";
        "**/bower_components"= "true";
        "**/tmp"= "true";
        "**/.next"= "true";

The "vscode-cfml" extension is loading but the others are not. I look at the extensions folder and when I launch vscode, I see an .obsolete file being created. It contains:


If I delete the file it's just recreated. How can I get the extensions to load?
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+1 having this issue as well

I thought it might be an issue using the “short extension name” i.e. “bbenoist.nix” so I changed everything to use the full name, publisher,version, sha256 format but that didn’t help.

Did you ever find a solution for this?
Currently facing the same issue

@VincentWo No, I did not find a solution. It’s still an open issue for me.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

I circumvented this problem by setting mutableExtensionsDir = false;, but this is of course a bit of a nuclear option.