Wayland without Plasma/Kwin (ThinkPad P50)

I’ve been find it challenging to get an acceptable config for my ThinkPad P50.

I’ve posted elsewhere about not being able to manipulate external monitors with xrandr. I can setup a layout OK, but if I change (e.g. go back to just the builtin display) it crashes X.

Since I’m completely striking out on that front, I’ve been entertaining moving to Wayland. But I’m coming from minimal stacking wm (fluxbox). I’ve been playing with labwc, and I think I could possibly live with it. It seems to handle layout switches. but it exhibits a lot of problems on external displays; flickering, redrawing, blanking out.

I’m using the proprietary nvidia drivers (my architecture is not supported by their OS drivers). Should I be using nouveau?

Anyone else doing something similar? Am I out of luck?