WebAssembly as a Universal Binary Format, can Nix help/benefit?

Hello everyone!

If you’re not following the news around wasm / wasi, I want to raise awareness about this 2-parts post from last month about wasm being used as a universal binary format:

Part I: Native executables

Part II: WAPM (wasm package manager)

I’m wondering if Nix could help with the package manager part?

It might also be interesting to consider seriously having wasm/wasi(?) as a first class citizen (tier1?) with Nix, where having a successful build to wasm using Nix, append the target architecture and get a binary for that arch (crazy thoughts?)

These are interesting times… :upside_down_face:


WebAssembly can really become the lingua franca for all the software applications out there.

Why lingua franca if we have a Babel fish (with a Canadian Cross)?

Coincidentally, this blog post side-steps to explain how containers (the industry standard) are a historically motivated accidental complexity and how wasm can move in (as the new industry standard) to remediate that situation:

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