Webp support in nautilus and eog eye of gnome


Does it work for you? Can you share your config?

I have found this nixos-configuration/configuration.nix at 6921c4d6b0589d9e276b3f653b33770a49894bee · Shou/nixos-configuration · GitHub

but haven’t checked it yet.

Also there is comment:

THIS DOESNT WORK. something Absolutely Imperative is going on with pixbuf-gdk

I am not sure if eog will work with this settings.

Anyway, I will check it in free time. I thought it will be easier to have webp support. :smiley:

services.xserver.gdk-pixbuf.modulePackages is just a hack used for packages that are not properly wrapped with wrapGAppsHook. Any package following best practices will include a wrapper that sets GDK_PIXBUF_MODULE_FILE so the value set by the global environment will be ignored.

The only way to fix this is to add webp-pixbuf-loader to eog dependencies but it currently will not work due to the reasons described in the manual so that would need to be fixed first.

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Thanks. Is there issue created for that?

Cannot find one at the moment. Perhaps we just discussed that on PRs like Make gdk-pixbuf support avif by mkg20001 · Pull Request #102189 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub and never got around to creating one.

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Same issue here … no webp thumbnails in Nautilus …