What are you favourite tools that complement Nix?

I keep seeing people talking about direnv. What else helps you be more productive as a developer, specifically in the way it interacts with Nix? (deliberately or inadvertently…)


niv is pretty good if you are tired for copy-and-pasting sha256 hashes :slight_smile:


https://github.com/cachix/pre-commit-hooks.nix and all the tools is brings :slight_smile:


GitHub - target/lorri: Your project's nix-env is great for automatically rebuilding your nix shell


cached-nix-shell is very recent but it is such a big improvement to my day to day workflow!

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@Zimm_i48 about cached-nix-shell and others, I have not taken the jump yet for those automatic environement tools. Do you advise to use cached-nix-shell over direnv or lorri ? If yes, for which reasons in short ?

@stphrolland I have not taken the jump yet either. That’s the whole point of cached-nix-shell: this is a drop-in replacement for nix-shell. You do not have to learn anything new to use it except to type cached-nix-shell when you would usually type nix-shell. Thus, I cannot do any sort of valid comparison with direnv and lorri which are probably more powerful but require to learn something.

I think the two have very different purposes. cached-nix-shell looks excellent for speeding up shebangs in scripts, while lorri is equally excellent at setting up dev environments.

@Zimm_i48 I finally use lorri and direnv regularly. I wish I started months ago :wink: . Very simple to set up and use.

Next step, look at cached-nix-shell. Looks very interesting.