What categories are missing?

Let me know if you are missing a category. If in doubt, post in Uncategorized as messages can be moved later.

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Does it make sense to have a category for Nixpkgs community practice? For instance, I’d like to discuss how language-specific packaging works, specifically contrasting the Python and Ruby approaches.

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If this place is to be wide open, maybe categories about tutorials and newbie things will be fine.

I propose a category per stdenv we have backed in. Personally, i follow mostly PRs/Issues labeled with darwin in GH, so would i mostly do here :slight_smile:

A category for nix language I suppose. The mailing list “Design goals for possible core language changes or common idioms” quickly became an unfollowable mess

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A category for packaging systems for the many programming languages, as Haskell, Lisp, Ruby, Python etc. One for each main language at least.

It will be useful for, hum, modularizing the discussions about them.


Another thing will be very important: legal issues about packaging, as the one about PaleMoon we have some time ago.

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At the same time, I’d really like to be having the conversation about how we can find commonalities between language packaging. In the meantime, having separate topics for each language probably helps to keep details arranged well.

We could have a throw-all category and the split it later if the volume becomes unmanageable. Categories are mainly useful to follow.

I have some suggestions for category changes:

  1. Rename Help to Support - I feel like “support” has better connotations than “help”.
  2. Rename nixpkgs to Development - “development” can cover Nixpkgs, Nix, NixOS, etc., and we can make sub-categories later if the volume gets too large

Sounds good. Some other forums have adopted the term Learn instead of Help which I quite like as well.