What is the best "why nix" argument you have read or heard of?

Unsubstantiated “X is just better” arguments don’t work for me.
Nor do formal papers stuffed with proofs.

What article have you read that presented the case for nix in an engaging and robust manner?
One that balanced the concerns of brevity and formality well?

I stumbled across @domenkozar 's nix.dev issue that splendidly hyperlinks to a fascinating summary blog article and linked research paper. The tripartite systems categorization has me reeling. Those ideas inspire me to sell nix as a nimble, efficient way you achieve congruent infrastructure today. No vendor lockin. No silicon valley snake oil.


“Doing anything in Nix causes me untold pain and suffering, and wastes absurd amounts of my time … unless it follows a path already well-trodden by me personally. I put myself through this because I know that, after all the pain, suffering and wasted time, if eventually I reach my destination, I will have a robust, reliable, reusable solution which will save me even more pain, suffering and time in the long run.” Jacek Generowicz