What packages are installed on NixOS live CD?

How can I find which packages are installed on the Live CD? I mounted the ISO image, I unsquashed the inner squashfs and I can’t tell. Is there a URL with the list of packages installed, everyone of them?

I don’t think there is an official list. Everything that is listed in /nix/store is what’s included. That will include dependencies as well though. All base systems come with a few binaries:

You can see the whole list installed at /run/current-system/sw/bin. For those packages that are explicitly installed, try:

nixos-option environment.systemPackages

No, I was referring to the latest stable Live CD with KDE Plasma. I can’t find the whole listing anywhere. Is there any way I can have the list with all the packages before burning the iso?

The live ISO is based of installation-cd-graphical-kde.nix, where you can follow the imports list to see which packages the various nix files imports. I might list them afterwords. Here are the packages explictly included in installation-cd-graphical-kde.nix:

  environment.systemPackages = [
    # Include gparted for partitioning disks.

    # Include some editors.
    pkgs.bvi # binary editor

    # Firefox for reading the manual.


Unfortunately, trying that on a live ISO in VirtualBox doesn’t work.

It’s just that right next to the download link for the Live CD iso there is a link to SHA256SUM for that iso so I wondered why not also a link to a list full of newline-separated names of packages installed on that iso.

I guess nobody asked before. The packages in the live image doesn’t affect the installation itself; if you want it, you will have to add in either environment.systemPackages or nix-env.

Here a list of packages on the live image that I have complied, listing what I’ve found in the nix files in the Git repo. Note it excludes the various kernel modules:

kate            Text editor

gparted         Graphical disk paritioning tool
vim             Text editor
bvi             Binary editor
joe             Text editor
firefox         Web browser
glxinfo         Graphics card information

w3m-nox         Web browser (for displaying NixOS manual in console)
testdisk        Data Recovery
ms-sys          Creates MS boot records
efibootmgr      Modifies Intel UEFI boot manager
parted          Disk paritioning tool
gptfdisk        GPT partitioning tools
ddrescue        Data Recovery tool
ccypt           File Encryption tool
cryptsetup      LUKS for dm-crypt
mkpasswd        Front to crypt from Debian whois package

fuse            Kernal module for user space file systems
fuse3           Kernal module for user space file systems
sshfs-fuse      FUSE system over SSH
socat           Multipurpose relay (SOCet CAT)
screen          Terminal Multiplexer

sdparm          Accesses SCSI parameters
hdparm          Accesses (S)ATA parameters
smartmoontools  Monitors drive health
pciutils        Configures PCI devices
usbutils        Configures USB devices

dosfstools      (V)FAT tools
jfsutils        JFS tools

unzip           Extracts zip files
zip             Conpresses zip files

jq              Command line JSON tool

A complete list with every package installed on the Live CD would be useful in case you want to avoid unpleasant surprises when you boot the CD.

Also, I noticed that I can search online for packages in my browser but I can’t find using the web interface what files are in each package. Let’s say I search for packages related to firefox.

  1. I find ten packages, for example.
  2. I click the name of one package
  3. I see the files it’s made of.

All this without having to install nix or NixOS and without browsing Github repository. Again, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises. What I suggest here is nothing new, never unheard of. Again, just suggestions.

Also you can build your own iso. Exemple with my iso: GitHub - apeyroux/nixos-iso: My nixos iso