Where can I locate all my downloaded LV2, LADSPA, and etc

I’ve added various LV2s and LADSPAs to my configuration.nix file, and it’s installed them. However, all of them are scattered all over NixOS/nix/store/. I mean, …/store/ is already a huge folder of all your installed files and configurations. It’s taking forever to find LV2s and LADSPAs for other programs like Carla.

Are LV2s and LADSPAs going to be scattered all over the /store/ directory, or is there an easier way to have them installed into a specific directory or directories?

You should not scan Nix store, that will be glacial as you noted and you may find duplicates or incompatible versions.

Instead use pkgs.symlinkJoin to build a combined package and then set environment variable like LV2_PATH when starting the program.

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scanning this Nix: Using symlinkJoin with nodePackages — ertt.ca (seems helpful) but curious what other eyes see

This did happen to me when I attempted to scan the /store/ directory…

This is what you’re referring to, yes? https://nixos.org/manual/nixpkgs/stable/#trivial-builder-symlinkJoin

I think I understand it… To be honest, most of my time from learning NixOS has been spent on compiling systemwide packages, and enabling/disabling some system features…

I couldn’t figure this out either - couldn’t get plugins I installed to show up in carla

@RichardJActon You can scan NixOS/nix/store/, but like @jtojnar said:

It’ll work, but you’ll have duplicates of everything, and it’ll take a very long time.

I’m in the midst of learning symlinkJoin thing…

I had a similar problem a while ago when using Ardour and found that all the LV2 plugins were linked to /run/current-system/sw/lib/lv2 and adding that directory to my LV2_PATH enabled Ardour to find them. (Similar directories exist for other types of plugins, but Ardour picked those locations up without further configuration.)

Does this also help with the specific plugins you are using?