Where do I propose changes before actually implementing them?

I want to make a relatively big change to a module, but I am not sure if it will get accepted.

Where can I make a formal proposal for the change before putting in the time and effort of actually implementing it?
How do I make sure it reaches the right people?

Here? Github Issues?
Is there a place where I can chat with people about the specifics and any issues that I may encounter with the systems involved that doesn’t have as long turn-around times as github issues where it can take multiple days for people to reply? An IRC / Matrix / Discord channel maybe?
I tried asking ChatGPT, but it’s nixos knowledge is limited.

The official chat channels are on matrix, but there’s also a lively discord and a somewhat dead irc channel. It’s all linked on nixos.org/community.

Github issues with mentions are a much more reliable way to reach the existing maintainers, though.

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Open an issue on Nixpkgs github repo and ping the module’s maintainers and/or past committers. Can always ping them on here or #nix:nixos.org as well.

in my experience, asking upstream for support with Nix related stuff never works out. Generally, issues are Nix-specific. Sometimes, it is an upstream issue, but you need to be sure it is before trying to ask upstream.

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