Where does home-manager install packages when using flakes?

I switched to flakes and now cannot find my hunspell dictionaries. Before flakes, they were located in .nix-profile/share/hunspell. Where can I find them now?

I install the dictionaries with

home.packages = with pkgs; [

Is using flakes the only change you made? I have this in my Home Manager configuration:

  # https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/issues/432
  home.extraOutputsToInstall = [ "info" "man" "share" "icons" "doc" ];


which then populates

$ ls ~/.nix-profile/share/
applications    doc             fonts           icons           lua             nix             pkgconfig       terminfo        zsh
awk             emacs           fzf             info            man             nvim            rlwrap          vim
bash-completion fish            gnupg           locale          metainfo        pixmaps         shellcheck      vim-plugins

Lastly, and this is just a shot in the dark, you’re running home-manager switch --flake .#someFlake not home-manager build --flake .#someFlake? Because I’ve had it that I just press up arrow and enter without looking too closely at the command then I failed to realize that the new Home Manager generation was never actually applied.

No, I am not using home-manager command since the website says:

When using flakes, switch to new configurations as you do for the whole system (e. g. nixos-rebuild switch --flake <path> ) instead of using the home-manager command line tool.

I guess this is the reason ~/.nix-profile is nearly empty and the question is, where are the HM packages installed now.

Ah sorry I should have asked if you’re on NixOS! In that case, if you’re using Home Manager as a module, nixos-rebuild is the way to go! I’m on MacOS right now and I totally did not consider that that’s not the case for you.

But if you’re not using it as a NixOS module you’ll have to call it separately.

Still, what about the snippet with regards to which paths to export?

Check /etc/profiles/per-user/<user>/share. If you have home-manager.useUserPackages set to true (like the flake example), that’s where your packages will be installed instead of ~/.nix-profile.