Where is pipewire enabled? I do not have it in configuraiton.nix

I was wandering how it is set already. I have installed nixos from gnome iso.

For example this page PipeWire - NixOS Wiki describes how to set pipewire:

security.rtkit.enable = true;

I have found that this is set in nixpkgs/pulseaudio.nix at 46251a79f752ae1d46ef733e8e9760b6d3429da4 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

But my limited knowledge does not allow me to proceed further.

If it works on your system, nixos-option should tell where it is defined:

nixos-option services.pipewire.enable
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Unfortunately, nixos-option is broken in unstable/21.11 but I can tell you it is enabled by g-r-d module since it is required for screen sharing on Wayland: