Where is the embedded help forum?

I’ve tried to boot the NixOS ARM image without success on my Rock Pi 5B. I’m able to boot a specialized version of Debian for Rock Pi 5B but id like to switch over to NixOS.

Any suggestions? Getting anything to boot on the Rock Pi 5 has been challenging.

Thank you kindly.

Maybe @samueldr can help …?

I did find this page but I couldn’t decipher what it was trying to say. From what I am gethering, running NixOS on a Rock Pi 5b requires some sort of changes but I don’t know what those changes to the image are to allow it to run.

NixOS on ARM/Radxa ROCK5 Model B - NixOS Wiki

It is quite a bit too early to get the RockPi 5B running without running weird hacks.

For one, you won’t be able to boot the aarch64 installer ISO until your U-Boot has EFI support.

Next, that ISO comes with a mainline kernel, but the rk3588/rockpi5b has no complete mainline support yet. Expect that some time after Linux 5.7.

The third point is, that booting EFI requires some matching Device Tree support between U-Boot and the Kernel that I didn’t quite understand, when it was explained to me on #arm:nixos.org.

For now, you either need the vendor kernel or Collabora’s hardware enablement kernel and boot that with extlinux support.

It would probably be easiest to get on the Matrix chat and return here, when you found a working solution.