Which config options for a lean server (headless) install?

I installed nix on a bare metal server and noticed that setting services.xserver.enable = false; may not be enough to remove unneeded bloat.

Which other options that may be enabled by default can I explicitly disable to make the install less bloated?

Semi-related: I noticed python 2.7 is installed along python 3. By now we should be able to get by without 2.x? Can I disable it without breaking the base system and how?


Isn’t services.xserver.enable false by default? https://nixos.org/manual/nixos/stable/options.html#opt-services.xserver.enable

You can have a look at profiles, notably the headless and minimal ones.


Some older packages will still use it as part of builds occasionally. Depends on the package, and is likely time to kill it. However, we should be close to not having python being used outside of python2. you can do nix why-depends to see which package is bringing in python2